Ohio State Men's Gymnastics Team

This years high school seniors are loaded with talent and high level gymnastics. Most of the gymnasts in the top 25 will be making big impacts with their teams next year as freshman. We will be watching these budding stars as they look to finish up their high school senior year strong in preparation for NCAA Gymnastics.

#1 Kevin Penev | Club: RGA

#2 Brody Malone | Club: Catersville Twisters

#3 Vitaliy Guimaraes | Club: 5280 Gymnastics

#4 Angel Leon | Club: Gymnastics World Tucson

#5 Jordan Kovach | Club: Bart Conner Gymnastics

#6 Michael Fletcher | Club: New England Academy of Gymnastics

#7 Morgan Seyler |  Club: Southlake Gymnastics Academy

#8 David Pochinka |  Club: WOGA Gymnastics

#9 Darren Wong |  Club: Phoenix Gymnastics

#10 Evan Davis |  Club: Cypress Academy of Gymnastics

#11 Ian Gunther |  Club: Cypress Academy of Gymnastics

#12 Spencer Goodell |  Club: Omega Gymnastics


#13 Daniel Yoon | Club: SCATS Gymnastics

#14 Brady Yamamoto | Club: Aspire

#15 Nikita Bolotsky | Club: Kingdom Gymnastics

#17 Nick Mock | Club: Sun Devil Gymnastics

#18 Joshua Williams | Club: Cypress Academy of Gymnastics

#19 Noah Scigliano | Club: Emerge Academy

#20 Ben Eyles | Club: Triad Gymnastics

#21 Curran Phillips | Club: Prairie Gymnastics Club

#22 Michael Moran | Club: U.S. Gymnastics Development Center

#23 Blake Wilson | Club: SCEGA Gymnastics

#24 Ian Skirkey | Club: Sterling Gymnastic

#25 Logan Krabbe | Club: Fuzion Gymnastics

Did we get the rankings right?


  1. My opinion: I don’t see a lot of deference between Penev and Malone. Malone has proven to be very consistent, but the consistency argument could go to Penev as well. What I always look at for Jr going to Sr is pommel horse and rings as those are hard to develop for elite gymnasts. Penev has the advantage on PH while Malone has Rings. Seeing Penev’s brother not develop on rings makes me think that the younger Penev will have a similar disadvantage. Then the question is: Will Malone get better at PH? I think he will. I feel the upside is with Malone.

  2. Dhiren Lutchman (NAVY) – was left off? Member of the 2017 Regional Elite Team that competed at the ETC? Where did you guys get your rankings????

    • The rankings were by results and most current competition footage. Do you have any current competition video footage of Dhiren Lutchman?

  3. I believe that Blake Wilson should be higher on the list. I know that he had a previous injury, but that kid is just awesome! I also believe that although Nick Mock is very talented on pommel horse, he should not be considered as highly as some of the multiple event signees. Not to bring down, but the athletes who have potential to make line up on a few events will contribute the most to the team. I also strongly believe that Daniel Lasenbby should be on this list because of the impact he will have to the team. His rings and pommels show great strength, form, and flow and there is definitely great potential on the other events. Lastly, I believe that Emanuele Muelhauser shows phenomenal progress on pommels and can help the Illinois pommel score and that Jesse Tyndall shows great promise to Ohio’s future. For these reasons, I believe that your list may need some more thought.


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