My name is Colin Van Wicklen and I am an Olympic hopeful for the United  States of America. This is the beginning of my 1 year journey to Olympic Trials. This channel will document my relentless pursuit in making my life long dream come true. Follow along and be apart of the journey.

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Colin Van Wicklen Career Highlights

2020 U.S. Senior National Team Member 

*12-Time NCAA All-American

*2018 Team USA World Championships Team 4th place team

*2018 U.S. Vault & High Bar Bronze Medalist

*2018 U.S. Qualifier All-Around Champion

*2017 U.S. high bar silver medalist and floor bronze medalist

*2017 NCAA team champion, floor silver medalist (Oklahoma)

*2016 NCAA team & floor exercise champion (Oklahoma)

*2015 NCAA team champion and floor silver medalist (Oklahoma)

*2014 NCAA team silver medalist



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