Backflip Debates, Abdullah, Adderly, Trobaugh

Midknight Robin hosts the Backflip Debates with Taqiy Abdullah-Simmons, Kerry Adderly, and Cody Trobaugh. Buy or Sell: As of now, Sam Mikulak a five-time national champion is more decorated then five-time national champion Blaine Wilson. Hypothetically, Your at Team Finals at a major competition, you can pick any gymnast from any era, who would you pick and why? Buy or Sell: Justin Spring is the best coach in the Big Ten? As look onto the 2019 World Championships: Who do you feel should get the nod as Team USA men’s head coach? What’s Harder? At the end of a routine, triple tuck on rings or a triple pike on highbar. Most influential gymnast of all-time?

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