Orlando, FL. Midknight Robin and Remi Marvin on a mission to establish a college gymnastics program in Central Florida. The first steps is to raise awareness in the area and determine the level of interest in the community. As part of raising awareness Midknight and Remi will be visiting college campuses around Orlando to learn which school will be the right fit for the program.

In this episode Midknight and Remi visit Valencia College. Five facts about Valencia:

1. Valencia is a public state college. It was founded in 1967 as “Valencia Junior College,” taking the name “Valencia Community College” in 1971.

2. The Aspen Institute awarded Valencia the first Aspen Prize for College Excellence after a year-long effort to recognize extraordinary accomplishments in individual institutions of the nation’s 1,200 community colleges.

3. The mascot of Valencia College is a Matador.

4. Valencia has several campus locations in Orlando with additional campus locations in Winter Park and Kissimmee

5. Valencia is ranked first in the United States for the number of associate’s degrees.


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