Hibernation Season

Most of us who watch gymnastics are in complete awe about what gymnasts are capable of. Their tumbling skills, air awareness, and level of strength in my opinion is what gives them their superhuman abilities. The general public will give credit to gymnasts all day, but that’s about it. Gymnastics in American culture is a fad that comes and goes, it’s very cool every 4 years, but then goes on a 3 year hibernation from the general public into a cave.


  1. Them that make the rules “rule the sport”. They rule the judges, coaches, and the gymnasts. The scores are determined by the rules far more than aesthetics and “gymnastics sense”. The Code of Points has always been a work in progress and it is a moving target challenging both coaches and competitors to best figure out what will bring the highest scores while “playing by the rules”. The top gymnasts and coaches also realize that gymnastics is an artistic performance sport that plays not only to the judges and rule book, but to the crowd.


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