Now is a great time to get your workout on! Just 20 minutes a day to begin your adventure of living a active lifestyle, which in my opinion is the most fun way to stay healthy and in shape. Here are my Top 3 Must Have’s to begin your gymnastics fitness journey!

1. Yoga Mat

When beginning your at home workout session it is very important to make sure your body is warmed up and your muscles are stretched out for optimal training. The first item on the list is ideal with getting your mind and body in the right mindset. There is nothing like a good Ole yoga mat with memory foam that relieves pressure points for various gymnastics exercises. Below are few more benefits of utilizing a yoga mat during your next workout.

  • Protects wrists, knees, elbows, head, neck, and ankles.
  • Helps alleviate pain caused from tendinitis, carpal tunnel, and other knee, back, hip, and joint injuries.
  • Aids in balance to hold postures longer.
  • Textured surface stabilizes your body and keeps you from slipping.

2. Fitness Tracker

Maintaining a consistent time flow during sets and resting periods are important for keeping high energy workout levels. A good stop watch will do the job, but with a little more investment the Fitness tracker will track and then some. Check out a few more benefits below.

  • Heart rate monitor– The heart is the most important organ in the human body. An heart rate monitor helps to monitor how the heart works during your workout.
  • Distance tracker– The distance tracker also helps you know the cumulative distance you have covered over a specific period.
  • Sleep tracker– The sleep tracker is highly useful for monitoring the quality of sleep you receive. Receiving proper sleep is vital for long term health.
  • Calorie tracker– Food and calorie monitoring is as important as the fitness exercise itself. With this feature, you can actually know how much progress is made and how much more needs to be done.

3. Fitness Ball
The core, one of the most important muscles groups in the body. It is in the center and it is very important to keep these muscles activated overall body stability. Below are a few benefits of the fitness ball.

  • Improve Your Flexibility– You can use an exercise ball to warm up and stretch your muscles before you begin a workout. This may possibly prevent injury, and also help to keep your muscles and joints functional.
  • Improve Your Balance– Control and balance are very important to practicing safe and fun gymnastics. Even when you are just sitting on the ball, it engages the stabilizer muscles. You need to use your abdominal and back muscles to keep your balance on the ball. Training with an exercise ball in the right manner may be beneficial for healthy posture.
  • Common Uses– An exercise ball may be used with yoga or with a Pilates exercises. It may also be used for physical therapy purposes. They can be used for low-impact aerobic exercise and strength training exercise routines. Always remember, it is advantageous to check with your doctor before beginning a fitness exercise program, especially if you have any injuries or medical conditions.


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