Levi Anderson drops 83 points as Oklahoma beat Ohio State

Oklahoma gymnastics continues to stay red hot by breaking the 420 mark against Ohio State. Levi Anderson competed all six events for the first time this season and scored 83 points. Yul Moldauer hit a sensational parallel bars routine and Gage Dyer wins title on floor. Next up for Oklahoma, they will face Illinois and Nebraska in Lincoln Saturday February 2nd.

  1. Oklahoma: 423.950
  2. Ohio State: 395.400

Event Champions

All-Around: Levi Anderson (Oklahoma): 83.150

Floor: Gage Dyer (Oklahoma): 14.900

Pommel Horse: Alec Yoder (Ohio State): 14.750

Rings: Yul Moldauer (Oklahoma): 14.650

Vault: Tanner Justus (Oklahoma): 14.800

Parallel Bars: Yul Moldauer (Oklahoma): 15.000

High Bar: Levi Anderson (Oklahoma): 14.700

No. 2 Stanford beat Cal 417-395

Stanford freshman Brody Malone scored the highest all-around of the season with 84.550. Another impressive outing for Stanford. Can they go undefeated this year?

  1. Stanford: 417.800
  2. California: 395.400


Event Champions

All-Around: Brody Malone (Stanford) 84.550

Floor: Conner Lewis (Stanford) 14.700

Pommel Horse: Ian Gunther (Stanford) 13.650

Rings: Ian Gunther (Stanford) 14.300

Vault: Bryan Perla (Stanford) 14.800

Parallel Bars: Blake Sun (Stanford) 14.500

High Bar: Brady Malone (Stanford) 14.250


Bock, Cole get Michigan past Minnesota on the road

Michigan wins a tough road match-up against Minnesota. Cameron Bock lead the way by scoring 84 points in the all-around while capturing events titles on rings, parallel bars, and high bar.

  1. Michigan: 413.150
  2. Minnesota: 408.300

Event Champions

All-Around: Cameron Bock (Michigan): 84.700

Floor: Jacob Moore (Michigan): 14.550

Pommel Horse: Justin Karstadt (Minnesota): 13.700

Rings: Cameron Bock (Michigan): 14.300

Vault: Emyre Cole (Michigan): 14.850

Parallel Bars: Cameron Bock (Michigan): 14.700

High Bar: Cameron Bock (Michigan): 13.850

Jacobson scores 81, leads Illinois past Iowa 410-398

Illinois stays unbeaten with a dominant performance at home against Iowa.  Johnny Jacobson took home the all-around and parallel bar titles. This team is showing why they are  favorites to win the Big Ten again this year.

  1. Illinois: 410.450
  2. Iowa: 398.800

Events Champions

All-Around: Johnny Jacobson (Illinois) 81.950

Floor: Sebastian Quiana (Illinois): 14.150

Pommel Horse: Michael Paradise (Illinois): 14.700

Rings: Alex Diab (Illinois) 14.650

Vault:  Bennet Huang, Andrew Harrador (Iowa) 14.550

Parallel Bars: Johnny Jacobson (Illinois) 13.950

High Bar: Ross Thompson (Illinois) 13.850

Zakutney scores 57, Penn State outlast Nebraska 409-395

Penn State continues to pile up the wins early into the season. Good teams defend at home. That’s exactly what they executed with solid routines from Sam Zakutney and Favian Valdez.

  1. Penn State: 409.700
  2. Nebraska: 395.000

Event Champions

Floor: Sam Zakutney (Penn State) 14.250

Pommel Horse: Stephen Nedoroscik (Penn State) 14.350

Rings: Isaac Hammett (Penn State) 13.800

Vault: Anton Stephenson (Nebraska) 14.950

Parallel Bars: Sam Zakutney (Penn State) 13.750

High Bar: Sam Zakutney (Penn State) 14.700

McVay scores 75, Navy beat William & Mary

  1. Navy: 394.250
  2. William & Mary: 90.600

Event Champions

All-Around: Ryan McVay (Navy) 75.700

Floor: Ben Provost (Navy) 13.600

Pommel Horse: Jacopo Gliozzi (William & Mary) 14.500

Rings: David Watkins (William & Mary) 14.100

Vault: Frank Bradley (Navy) 14.100

Parallel Bars: Andrew Lyubovsky (William & Mary) 13.750

High Bar: Andrew Lyubovsky (William & Mary) 31.100

Army fends off late charge, tops Springfield 395-388

  1. Army: 395.050
  2. Springfield: 388.050

Event Champions

All-Around:  Cole Casanova (Army) 82.350

Floor: Cole Casanova (Army) 14.250

Pommel Horse: Stephen Lewis (SC) 13.150

Rings: Cole Casanova (Army) 13.700

Vault: Cole Casanova (Army) 14.500

Parallel Bars: Stephen Lewis, Cole Casanova 13.500

High Bar: Cole Casanova (Army) 13.400

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