2018 NCAA Men's Gymnastics Champions-Oklahoma Men's Gymnastics

The 2018 NCAA Gymnastics Championships men’s postseason has concluded and it ended just the same way it has the previous three years, with the University of Oklahoma reigning supreme and winning their fourth title in five years. Even though the finish was the same, this years NCAA Gymnastics Championships felt different, Oklahoma was not the overwhelming favorite to win it all. On paper the University of Minnesota had the overall highest team difficulty and their roster was loaded with an experienced senior class up for the challenge to win their programs first ever ncaa championship.


  1. Not so early Monday morning — After traveling from my home in Cabo san Lucas, Mexico to watch the Nationals in Chicago and to see former gymnasts and old friends , i am back home and reflecting —- WOW what an experience— yes, old friends, yes former gymnasts, yes, great gymnastics, yes, a great competition, yes, renewal of many great memories—– yes— everything that I had traveled back to my roots to see and do. This morning after a good nights rest, I opened my computer and this article caught my eye. WOW a report on a competition that I had just witnessed, written by Midnight Robin—– and yet while reading —– a whole different feeling about my three days in Chicago Before I had completed reading the article I felt tears running down my checks————– I was there, I was elated to see so many life time friends, I was amazed by the level of gymnastics and the performances of the gymnasts, I was excited and happy to see gymnastics alive and well in an area of the country that so many great gymnasts have had their beginning. ———- However, reading this article that Midnight Robin wrote created a new feeling , it provided a summary, greater incite into the teams, more information about the gymnasts, their coaches and the sport of gymnastics—- This type of reporting , this type of writing , this type of inside perspective, is what people in and out of the sport can relate to—— to motivate , to create interest and to help restore men’s gymnastics—– Midnight Robin, you have demonstrated the type of information that I believe is a great step to help men’s gymnastics to once again grow and develop– While in Chicago, I spent a lot of time talking with friends—- former coaches, former team mates, former gymnasts and the majority of our conversations were around how to make men’s gymnastics grow and return and exceed the “golden days of men’s gymnastics”————— This article is the kind writing that will create and develop interest in our sport. I urge all gymnasts to read it, I encourage coaches to share it with local sports-news outlets this article is way beyond a simple score sheet of the championship————– it brought —- to me—- interest—- intrigue, information and a desire to want even more information about gymnastics. Thank you Midnight Robin for sharing your perspective of the 2018 NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Championship. I’m excited —- This is a model for reporting a gymnastics meet— that I believe will be read, that will create interest and a step to restoring interest and participation in men’s gymnastics.

    • I appreciate your comments. Thank you for sharing your experience from NCAA Championships. It was a great meet!


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