Top Rock- is a combination of dance steps done while standing up. These steps area done before going down to the floor rock or footwork.

About Heps Fury

Juan Salvador Llobet also known as ” Heps Fury” is a world renowned artist, break dancer, and designer of the funky comfortable spandex apparel called FunKadelik Wear. Salvador has performed with international artists Gloria Estefan, NAS, Missy Elliot, Daddy Yankee, The Black Eyed Peas, and has made TV appearances on Despierta America, Sabado GiGante, and MTV’s Sink or Swim. He joined legendary break dancing company Rock Steady Crew in New York City. Through the Rock Steady Crew Tour, he performed with the original pioneers of break dancing such as Crazy Legs, Mr. Wiggles, Pop Master Fable, and Afrika Bambaa-taa.

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